Thanks to over 40 years' experience, Société Mauritanienne de Pêche et de Navigation (SMPN) is now one of the leading maritime operators in the port of Nouakchott.

Société Mauritanienne de Pêche et de Navigation - SMPN

Initially set up for coastal navigation (in particular with its coaster M/V MABROUK), the marketing of fish products and their transport by chartered reefers (hence its name), since 1982 S.M.P.N has devoted itself almost exclusively to port activities.

Since that date, S.M.P.N has been officially licensed in the ports of Nouakchott and Nouadhibou to carry out :

Ship's Agency - Handling - Transit

Long experience

We have many years of experience in this field, which qualifies us to provide the best services to all our valued customers.

Qualified personnel

Our qualified staff, our knowledge and all our resources are at your disposal, so that we can easily adapt to your different requirements.

High-quality services

We provide our services with perfection, care and attention to all our customers' needs.

SMPN has developed logistics expertise throughout Mauritania and in neighbouring countries. Our transport and logistics services range from handling to storage, then onward transportation to our customers' warehouses.

We offer specialized logistics solutions for the secure management of oil and gas-related materials, reliably meeting your specific needs in this constantly evolving sector.

Our commitment is to offer you customized logistics solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Our dedicated team works closely with you to ensure outstanding results.  

  • Proven experience in the logistics industry.
  • Commitment to operational efficiency and cost reduction. 

Ship's Agency

Thanks to over 30 years' experience, S.M.P.N is today one of the leading shipping companies in the port of Nouakchott.
Since its creation, SMPN has built up solid professional relationships with several world-renowned shipowners, to their complete satisfaction.
These shipowners include Termas Shipping, MOL Kline, COSCO line, OTAL, MSC, Western Bulk, Ultra Hulk, Lauritzen.
The Ship's agency department ensures a permanent relationship between the shipowner, the shipper, the vessel and the port authorities.the department's dynamic teams offer a comprehensive service
- Nautical and commercial preparation of the call - Assistance to the vessel and crew (husbanding, protecting...)
- Follow-up of unloading/loading operations
- Link between the vessel and all the other players in the chain
- Follow-up of customs procedures
- Receipt/delivery of goods


As a founding member and member of the Board of Directors of the Société des Equipements Portuaires (S.E.P.), SMPN has the appropriate equipment to carry out all on-board and onshore handling operations, deliveries and land transport for :

- 20′ and 40′ containers

- The cargo general

- Bagging

- Bulk cereals

SMPN is an affiliate member of the Bureau d'Embauche de la Main d'œuvre Portuaire.

which gives it access to all professional and occasional dockers registered at the port, as and when required.

In addition, it has its own 12 permanent dockers specialized in various types of handling.

In addition to the SEP equipment (forklifts, tractors, trailers) used for containers, SMPN has its own equipment for handling bulk grain and bagged products.

The Handling department has its offices inside the port.

It has 100,000m2 of terreplein with a plugging capacity of 120 refrigerators and a container yard fully insured against fire and stevedoring risks. SMPN has developed long and varied experience in handling bulk and containerized products.


Our mission is to assist you with all the administrative formalities involved in importing and exporting goods. With over 40 years' experience, SMPN can help you with local customs formalities.

Industrial Container yard for Logistic Import Export business